Implant dentistry / teeth replacement

Often we can replace your tooth in a few visits (2-3 months) using state-of-the-art technology – today nobody should have dentures, everybody deserves a permanent set of 'pleasing to the eye' teeth.

Implants are the perfect solution for most people with missing teeth.

It is only when we lose teeth that we become aware of how much dental health affects our quality of life. It impacts on our appearance, body image and self-confidence. Fortunately, for almost 30 years, dental implants have offered a solution for not only replacing the missing "crown" of the tooth, but the dental root as well. Dental implants provide a stable foundation for teeth replacement that looks, feels, and functions like your natural teeth. You can replace one or more missing teeth or hold dentures securely in the mouth. Dental implants can be your route to a better quality of life.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a small screw made of titanium. Titanium is a metal that the body accepts most easily. It mimics the function of a tooth root. The dental implant is inserted into the bone of the jaw. Over time the jawbone integrates with the implant surface, firmly anchoring it. Under normal conditions, the healing process can take as little as 6-12 weeks. After this time the tooth replacement in the form of a single crown, bridge, or denture is placed on the implant. With implant treatment, the dental implant replaces the lost tooth root and provides a stable foundation for the replacement tooth, thus eliminating the need to grind down healthy neighbouring teeth.

Where can implants be used?

How long is the implant procedure and does it includes surgery?

Placing implants is not a daunting procedure and doesn't include any hospitalisation or general anesthetic process. Implants can be done in the dental chair with only local anesthetic. It can also be done under sedation. It sounds easy, and is easy for a highly skilled and trained team.

Am I a candidate for dental implants?

If you're healthy enough to have a tooth extracted, you're probably healthy enough to have an implant. Whether you're missing teeth are the result of injury, disease or decay, dental implants are often the best solution. General good health and adequate bone in the jaw are the key requirements. If you are not sure whether dental implants can work for you, please feel free to call us.

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