General Family Dentistry

We know the importance dental health plays in your family's wellbeing and we want to help you look after your own oral health and those closest to you. That is why we offer an extensive range of dental treatments for the entire family. We believe prevention is better than cure. By identifying potential problems early, we can prevent the need for extensive treatment later. Here are some of the services we can offer you and your loved ones.

Diagnostic service

The key to solving any dental problem is diagnosing it. Without a proper diagnosis no problem will ever be solved permanently.

We use the following tools to help us:
- internal oral diagnostic photos so we can document everything.
- All patients need a good set of x-rays –today these are all digital and available immediately. This assists us to see not only what is happening in your mouth, but also what is happening inside the bone and other tissue, under old fillings and in-between teeth.

A summary of our General services include: (Problems we can help with)

  • Deep discoloured grooves - Tooth Sealants
  • Clenching and Grinding - Grindplates
  • Bad Breath/Halitosis – better oral hygiene and regular cleanings
  • Impacted Wisdom Teeth – extractions in-chair, under sedation or in theater
  • Fractured teeth or roots – extractions in-chair, under sedation or in theater
  • Tooth abscess (Endodontics)
  • Pain diagnosis – treat accordingly
  • Ceramic Inlays and onlays
  • Conventional Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Dentures
  • Pediatric dentistry
    We can even treat the little ones without fear or pain. We offer sedation to make procedures stress-free and minimizing trauma to the child and the parents.

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Our Mission

We are committed to providing high quality, state –of-the-art dentistry for all patients. We are enthusiastic, honest, and committed to aiding our patients both educationally and restoratively so that they maintain their optimum dental health.

Our Vision

The possibilities for enhancing your smile and teeth are endless!!

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