Crowns are a type of dental restoration which, when cemented into place, fully cover the portion of a tooth that lies at and above-the-gum line. We are experienced in restorative dentistry - the art and science of restoring a mouth to full health and function. We have many years of experience in designing and placing crowns that fit exactly and match your other teeth and are durable.

All-ceramic crowns

Crowns can be made out of porcelain, metal (a gold or other metal alloy), or a combination of both. We do not use metal fused to porcelain crowns - no metal is used in our practice. We use Zirkonium as white alternative if we need extra strength.

Traditional porcelain crowns are made with porcelain covering a metal shell. The metal provides strength and support for the porcelain which gives it a natural appearance. All-porcelain, also called "all-ceramic" crowns, use a ceramic shell instead of a metal shell to support the porcelain.
With advances in technology, these all-porcelain crowns can be used in a variety of situations i.e. E-Max.

Bruxzir Crowns

BruxZir Solid Zirconia crowns & bridges are made from the highest quality zirconia powder from Japan. We prepare the tooth exactly as we would for a normal all-ceramic crown. Maybe a little less aggressively. The procedure is the same, but the end-product differs. This is a much stronger crown and gives less abrasion to opposing teeth. Also, it works better than porcelain when it comes to longer span bridges and if the patient is a grinder. Bruxzir Crowns are chip-resistant, as it is made of solid zirconia with no porcelain overlay and also glazed to a smooth surface to reduce plaque accumulation. We can however give it a porcelain overlay in an anterior case where aesthetics is a concern, but we also need some extra strength.

When would I need a crown?

A crown, or cap, is a custom-made dental restoration which protects the underlying tooth. You may need a crown because of:

  • Extensive tooth decay
  • Large metal or tooth-colored fillings that weaken the remaining tooth
  • Broken or cracked teeth
  • A tooth that has had root canal therapy
  • A misaligned or misshaped tooth
  • Teeth that have large fillings that are breaking down and cannot be refilled

Sometimes a crown is not the optimum solution and other dental procedures such as porcelain veneers or dental bonding are more appropriate. Other times a patient might not be able to afford a crown in which case we can do a compromise treatment.

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